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This card is letting Hearthstone players skip an opponent’s turn


An especially conniving Hearthstone player has devised a way to almost entirely skip over their opponent’s turn using a clever card combo.

By pairing up a card that limits both players’ turns to just 15 seconds, and then filling that 15 seconds with a bunch of time-wasting animations for the other player, you can effectively shut somebody out of the game.

There’s a video of it in action.

Nozdormu is the card responsible for cutting down the available time in which a player can take actions. And by placing two Young Brewmasters on the board and swapping them around over and over again, you start to fill up this time with their animation.

The opposing player can’t make any moves until the animation is complete, and with Nozdormu having cut the turn-time all the way down, they’re unable to do anything in the fraction of a second between the animations ending and the turn finishing. Control returns to the other player, who repeats the process until winning a hardly-earned victory.

It’s a cheeky exploit, and unlikely one that’s long for this world. Expect Blizzard to remedy it soon.

Thanks Metabomb.