Hearthstone rip-off already in the works. It even steals the game’s music

Sleeping Dragon: Heroes of Three Kingdoms Unico

Hearthstone’s not even out of beta and it has copycat. Unico Interactive are working on Sleeping Dragon: Heroes of Three Kingdoms. I’m not saying that the games are simply mechanically similar, the promo video for Sleeping Dragon shows a game that’s identical except for a little rebranding.

For a comparison, here’s Hearthstone in action:

The music’s even been lifted from Hearthstone.

While I can’t offer a translation of any of the text in the video, the cartoon at the beginning suggests Unico’s developing the game in response to fans demanding a Chinese release of Hearthstone, and not at all that they’re wanting to cash in on Blizzard’s game before it’s officially released.

Google Translate’s done a great job on the game’s product page:

“Wolong legend – three famous biography” is a world as the background of the three free e-card strategy games, everyone can have fun. Players can choose to play three series in one of the many famous and then turns from their established deck playing cards. Players can cast spells of incredible power, the ability to use weapons or military commanders, or summon powerful followers to destroy their enemies.”

Sorry, I said ‘great’, I meant to say ‘poor’.

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There’s been no response from Blizzard yet on Unico’s ripoff. But if you listen carefully you might hear the sound of a lawyer’s cage door swinging open and the click clack of their cloven hooves as they stretch, ready to pounce.