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These Hearthstone changes offer insight into differences from the alpha


If you’re an avid Hearthstone player, chances are you know most everything there is to know about the popular card game. But there are a few facts that have surfaced by way of HearthSim and HSReplay.net that hearken all the way back to Hearthstone’s time in alpha. They’ve only just surfaced, serving up some interesting tidbits. 

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For example, Demonfire used to go by the name Chaos Energy, and Flame of Azzinoth was previously Shard of Azzinoth. Healing Totem was Healing Stream Totem, while Leokk used to go by Spirit. Other card replacements include the card Grounding Totem receiving the successor Unbound Elemental. It allowed your other minions to avoid being targeted by enemy spells or Hero Powers.

Aside from entire card changes, both class cards and neutral cards had text and ability alterations, such as the Hungry Crab, which used to have the Battlecry ability. It allowed you to destroy all Murlocs and earn +2/+2 for each Murloc consumed, interestingly enough, for what some will likely view as an example of an overpowered card.

You can check out the full list of changes from the Alpha version if you’re so inclined, and you’ll definitely come away with some new knowledge about a game you already enjoy playing.