Hearth and Home is the delightful new Hearthstone animated short

Hearth and Home

Blizzard just released a new Hearthstone animated short. Hearth and Home is a musical adventure featuring some of the most popular characters in the hugely popular CCG.

Hearthstone is one of the best card games on PC.

The video opens to a shot of a cloaked figure walking through a snowy forest. This is Ava, the video’s protagonist, although we don’t know much more about her at this point. Suddenly, a Hearthstone box appears at her feet, and she’s transported to the Tavern, the mystical setting of the entire game.

The bulk of the video is a musical, introducing us to a bunch of Hearthstone’s regulars, including Malto, the mage, as well as Ogre Magi. Sarge, the Tavern’s resident mouse, and the Innkeeper himself both feature heavily as Ava gets taught the basics of the game and takes on an angry orc.

This probably won’t be our last visual trip to the tavern; Lydia Bottenegi, senior vice president of story and franchise development at Blizzard, says “we’re looking forward to sharing more tales from the Hearthstone Tavern featuring Ava and her friends in the months ahead.”