Blizzard are giving away free ice cream to people in Europe throughout August

Lich King

Do you live in Europe? Do you like free ice cream? Well, friend, Blizzard have a good deal for you. As the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion is suitably chilly, The Lich King’s Ice Cream Citadel Tour will be travelling from city to city around Europe, offering free Lich King-themed ice cream. Or just regular ice cream.

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So, we say Europe – it’s actually only going to four European countries, mostly in the most Western parts. The schedule for the Lich King’s ice cream truck is as follows:

  • August 12: Paris, France – Parvis de La Défense 11:00-19:00
  • August 14: Lille, France – Place François Mitterand – 12:00-20:00
  • August 16: Brighton, UK – Jubilee Square – 11:00-19:00
  • August 21: Warsaw, Poland – Arkadia shopping center – 12:00-20:00
  • August 23: Berlin, Germany – Sony Center – 9:00-19:00
  • August 25 and 26: Cologne, Germany – gamescom city festival – 15:00-23:00

As you can see, it will be culminating its tour at Gamescom, which is hopefully a good spot for you considering the number of people who should be at the event. Unfortunately, I do not live in any of these cities and so won’t be getting any of the Lich King’s ice cream. You’re welcome to send me some with a postcard though.