The 135 new cards from Hearthstone’s next expansion unlock tomorrow


The latest Hearthstone expansion, Kinghts of the Frozen Throne, arrives August 10. Ahead of tomorrow’s release, Blizzard have announced the details of the update in a blog post.

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The biggest change arriving with Knights of the Frozen Throne is the addition of 135 new cards, which make some pretty substantial changes to the game. The first is lifesteal, for example, which allows minions to drain health from their enemies. The second big change is the introduction of Hero cards, which come with a powerful Battlecry effect, and transform your hero into a Death Knight, giving them a new Hero Power and granting them armour.

The update also introduces free single-player missions, the first two of which will unlock with the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne. New missions will release every week until all the missions are unlocked, and beating the final mission with all nine heroes will earn you a new Paladin hero, Prince Arthas.

The final major change that Blizzard are making is to Arena rewards. Here, there aim is to reduce the variance of the rewards you can earn in the game mode.

For the full list of changes, which also includes bug fixes, balance changes, and new card backs, you can check out the Hearthstone blog. You can take a look at all the new cards that have been announced so far right here