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Hearthstone’s Quest for Packs jackpot just got $1200 sweeter

Hearthstone Year of the Mammoth

Update, February 6: Blizzard have added a little something extra to the Quest for Packs grand prize. 

Not content with offering one winner more than $2,500 worth of Hearthstone packs, Blizzard have added an extra prize to the Quest for Packs jackpot. Or packpot, if you will.

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Community manager Daxxarri posted on the Hearthstone forums last night, saying that Blizzard “have heard hopeful adventurers voice concerns that the idea of winning the Grand Prize is a daunting prospect.” To be honest, I sort of agree – the sheer task of opening all those packs is likely to be exhausting, not to mention all the deck-building you’ll have to do afterwards.

Blizzard say “that’s not in the spirit of a proper quest,” so to sweeten the pot, they’re improving the rewards for the winner of the grand prize. On top of the 3,000 card packs, Lich King Helmet and various other Blizzard goodies, the winner will now also receive $1,200 in prize money.

Original story, January 31:To celebrate the end of Hearthstone’s The Year of the Mammoth, Blizzard are giving away thousands of card packs. And as part of the celebrations, one player will win 3,000 of the things.

From 17:00 GMT on February first all the way up until 17:00 GMT on February 14, completing daily quests will give players an entry into a draw to win 3,000 card packs, as well as The Lich King’s Helm (from the time he interviewed for a job at Blizzard) and some other goodies. Players can be entered up to 14 times, and the winner will receive 1,000 packs from each of the Hearthstone expansions that released as part of the Year of the Mammoth; Journey to Un’goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne, and Kobolds & Catacombs.

If you don’t win the main prize, another 1,000 players will receive a Mammoth Card Bundle. The 30-pack bundles include ten packs from each of the above expansions, and will also be temporarily available in the store for £16.99, which is a pretty good price for Hearthstone packs (although purchases are limited to one per account). The Mammoth bundle will be available with the launch of the upcoming 10.2 update.

Finally, a further 50,000 players will each receive one pack from each expansion, for a total of three. Even if you don’t win anything, however, completing all fourteen quests you need for the highest number of available entries should net you enough gold for at least a few packs, or some Arena runs if you’re feeling brave. Of course, if you do win the grand prize, you’ll have 3,000 card packs to open, which sounds like quite an ordeal by itself. You can find out more about Hearthstone’s Quest for Packs here.