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Hearthstone’s ranked ladders will now reset you four ranks at the end of a season

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Blizzard have been talking about streamlining Hearthstone’s ranked play for well over a year now, even getting into a bit more detail about the issues at BlizzCon a few months ago. Now they’ve detailed exactly what form those changes will take, and when they’ll be implemented - this March, at the start of the next season.

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Starting with the new season, player ranks will reset to four ranks below your current standing. So if you’re Rank 14 with two stars, you’ll go back to Rank 18 with two stars. Additionally, all ranks will now have exactly five stars. You’ll now earn card backs by simply winning five ranked games during the season, regardless of whether you hit rank 20.

There will be no changes to win streaks, director Ben Brode clarifies on Twitter (repeatedly). He also says the end of season reset determines your new rank based on where you’re at during the rollover, rather than the highest point you achieved. But the high watermark will be used to determine your ranked rewards.

The designers hope these challenges will make ranked play more engaging for players at both the top and bottom of the ladder. Experienced players should be able to get into competitive matches more quickly, while less skilled players won’t be getting stomped as veterans climb the ranks.

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QDP2 avatarNyxxsys avatar
QDP2 Avatar
4 Months ago

They've been working up ladder changes for how many months now? I don't know if it was just me, but I anticipated more than a reduction to dropping and an increase to low-rank star count.

They've done as simple a job as they could to reduce the amount high-rank players drop, whilst not increasing difficulty in climb on that end. There'll be far more 1-rank and challenger players as a result. On the other side of the scale they've dramatically increased the game-count for low-rank players to make progress (from 3 to 5). The matches to climb for them, the sooner they'll run into an unfair match-up (from lack of their own cards/enemy who paid for decks) and get irritated/bored.

Isn't this just asking for more drop-outs and a more heavily-skewed rank ladder? My bets are come May-June the rank-ladder will be reverted to its old status.

Nyxxsys Avatar
4 Months ago

You say yourself that they've made it easier for high ranking players to retain their rank, and that lower ranking players now have to play and win more games to advance. What I don't understand is how you can say both of those, and then follow up with saying that low ranking players will be encountering unfair match-ups as a result. That makes absolutely no sense as the first two points keep players of respective skill levels in their own areas much better than it used to (Resetting legend players up to 14-20 ranks).

You imply you want the difficulty to obtain legend to increase, the margin between pro and casual users to increase, and that the changes will create "more heavily skewed rank ladder" yet you refute these points in your same argument. Ridiculous.

These changes will have the intended effect. The "size" of the ladder from rank 25 to legend rank is small compared to Shadowverse or LoL equivalents, as Blizzard intended, especially considering win streaks. The biggest change I would recommend to Blizzard is that a new card back needs to be added, one that is only rewarded to players who obtain legend rank 100 or higher. If not that, then make it so that the current legend card back is removed from each player at the end of each expansion release, to have each "legend" player obtain that card back within that set.