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Wildfest brings every Hearthstone card back for the next three weeks

hearthstone arena cards 2018

The Wild is coming to Hearthstone’s Arena. For the next three weeks, Wildfest comes to Blizzard’s card game, bringing back some of the game’s most beloved (and despised) cards.

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For the uninitiated, Wild is one of Hearthstone’s two game formats. The most common, Standard, is what governs the meta (including all competitive play), and allows access to all of the cards released in the previous two calendar years, usually comprising of between six and eight expansions. Wild, by contrast, allows access to every card ever released for the game, and has a much less stringent meta.

The biggest change heralded by the arrival of Wildfest is the return of Wild to Arena, a pay-to-play mode where players build a deck from scratch and try to win as many games as possible. Arena will be Wild throughout the three week celebration. There’ll also be two Wildfest Tavern Brawls. Venture into the Wild contains pre-built Wild decks that you queue into the Brawl with, while The Wild Brawliseum combines Arena-style play with the rotating brawl mode). Your first attempt at the latter will be free, but you’ll have to pay for access (which comes with improved rewards to make it worthwhile) after that.

Wildfest begins today (Hearthpwn reports that it’s live now for most of the world, but the Americas will have to wait until Midnight PST tonight for the chaos to begin), and brings ‘Wild’ cards back to the Arena until March 11. You can find out more, courtesy of Blizzard, right here.