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Hearts of Iron 4: By Blood Alone release date, focus trees confirmed

Hearts of Iron 4: By Blood Alone, the new DLC for the strategy game, has a confirmed release date as well as new details on focus trees, aircraft, and units

Hearts of Iron 4: By Blood Alone now has a release date: Two World War 2 general from Hearts of Iron 4.

Hearts of Iron 4: By Blood Alone, a new DLC for Paradox’s grand strategy wargame has a confirmed release date, as well as details on new focus trees, aircraft, and units. The DLC focuses on Italy during WW2 with the newest trailer detailing the peace talks between Italy and Ethiopia from the perspective of a journalist; the impact that might have on the war as a whole; and the countless lives that could be saved should they go well.

The new DLC attempts to achieve a variety and small changes to Paradox’s strategy game. It elevates Ethiopia to something other than a tutorial annoyance to breeze past when beginning the game, and brings more depth to their region to offer players a more compelling reason to stick with the African country during their playthrough.

You’ll be tasked with not only defending Ethiopia against the Italian onslaught but modernising the country, bringing it in line with its allies, and offering more weight to throw around in the ongoing conflict. The developer has added unique focus trees for Ethiopia, and the balance you’ll have to strike between those in charge should offer a unique playthrough for Hearts of Iron players – do you take on the invading Italians by yourself, or call upon your allies for help?

You will also have the option to design and build your own planes, as well as additional unit art for the Italian, Swiss, and Ethopian armies. There are 67 new plane models, and additional peace conference options, whereby you can demilitarise zones or even entire countries in your bid to control enemy resources.

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Hearts of Iron 4: By Blood Alone is due for release on 27 September, with pre-orders starting today. Every pre-order bags you a song – it isn’t clear exactly what that is, but if the trailer is anything to go by you’ll be foxtrotting in your front room holding a picture of Churchill in no time.

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