Heat Signature alpha is now available to Gunpoint Exclusive Edition owners

Heat Signature

Do you own Gunpoint? Do you have the Exclusive Edition, or the Exclusive Extras DLC? If you do, congratulations! You’ve not got two weeks access to the alpha of Heat Signature, the next game from indie developer Tom Francis.

The alpha runs until August 30th, and can be played by loading up Gunpoint. Steam will prompt you to see if you want to play Heat Signature instead.

“This is very unfinished, very unoptimised, and time-limited: I will close it down in two weeks and then you won’t have it anymore. It exists purely to help me find problems with the game and get people’s thoughts, not necessarily to give them the best experience or one I’d charge for individually,” said Francis on his blog.

He also points out that this is not early access, so having the Gunpoint Exclusive Edition doesn’t mean you get Heat Signature when it releases. This is just a fun perk for people who supported Gunpoint by buying the special edition or the extra DLC.

Do you have access to the Heat Signature alpha? Let us know how it is in the comments, and remember to send some feedback to Tom, too!