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Heavens above: Marvel Heroes goes to Asgard


The makers of Marvel ‘Not the Lego One’ Heroes have a master plan for long-term success, and it goes like this: we’ll couple ourselves to Marvel’s multi-film Avengers train and hold on for dear life.

Just in time to ride the wave left in Thor 2’s wake, Gazillion have introduced Asgard to their ARPG – the first of a series of updates to be loosely tangled up in contemporary Marvel Films goings-on.

Players can newly take on the guise of Gazillion’s Tom Hiddlestoned Loki, spilling spires of ice and illusions willy nilly and screaming green envy into allchat. That’ll likely ensnare a host of new players, but the real meat is to be found in the realm of the gods Loki has been barred from for life.

Asgard, as it exists in Marvel Heroes, is made up of several expansive new zones and a new player hub in Odin’s Palace. To get there, players will have to fight their way through the Bifrost Bridge in a server-wide event.

They’ll be rewarded with a new set of story missions along the game’s current arc, featuring fully-voiced motion comic sequences and access to new gear like rings and Legendary items – both of which have their own item slots. Legendary items will gain experience along with their owners – attached to them like Thor to his hammer or Green Lantern his ring.

Also: frost giants! Either as enemies, or as a special ability if you’re playing Loki.

You can find Marvel Heroes free on Steam, and pick from an expanded roster of nine starting characters now the update has dropped. Do you think you might? If so, did Hiddleston have anything to do with it?