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Best Helldivers 2 loadout

When spreading managed democracy across the stars, we've got the best Helldivers 2 builds to rain fire on Termanids and Automatrons.

What are the best Helldivers 2 builds? A question on many a Helldiver’s mind right now – no one wants to be seen with the wrong equipment for the task at hand, do they? But fear not, with our hand-picked builds, you won’t be the one being reinforced time and time again; you’ll be the one planting the flag of Super Earth.

Helldivers 2 has gone from strength to strength as more Helldivers have joined in the fight for managed democracy. But with this continual growth, new players look to grizzled veterans of this multiplayer game for guidance. An individual’s loadout can spell disaster not only for yourself but the squad too, so it’s important to be ready for anything, and that all starts with the best Helldivers 2 build for Automatons, Terminids, and general use.


Helldivers 2 best builds

With so many options available, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of auto turrets, 500kg bombs, and flamethrowers. But, with one of our tailored builds, you’ll be liberated in no time. Depending on your playstyle or the front you fight on the most, you may find that one of these loadouts fits you better than the others, so try them all out and see which one suits you best.

Here are the best Helldivers 2 builds:

Helldivers 2 termanid build


Terminid build

  • Primary: SG-225 Breaker
  • Secondary: P-19 Redeemer
  • Grenade: G-10 Incendiary
  • Armor: Light – Fortified
  • Strategems: Railgun, “Guard Dog” Rover, Mortar Sentry, and Orbital Railcannon Strike
  • Booster: Stamina Enhancement

The aim of the game with this build is to always be on the move and our selection of armor, strategems and boosters feeds into this idea. The Rover will help thin the horde while we reload our Breaker or prep your railgun. The Orbital Railcannon can be used multiple times per mission, meaning no Charger will get in your way, and of course, the Breaker will be your primary as it is one of the Helldivers 2 best weapons.

Automaton build for Helldivers 2

Automaton build

  • Primary: AR-23P Liberator Penetrator
  • Secondary: P-19 Redeemer
  • Grenade: G-16 Impact
  • Armor: Heavy – Democracy Protects
  • Strategem: Autocannon, Mortar Sentry, EMS Mortar Sentry and 500kg Bomb
  • Booster: Vitality Enhancement

Unlike our Terminid build, the aim with this build is slow but steady. We won’t be rushing enemy positions, instead, we will set up our duel mortars and push the enemy back to their fortifications and, once we get close enough, drop a 500kg to bring any structures down. We take Heavy armour to help offset any damage taken by the Automaton rockets and explosives.

A general purpose build for Helldivers 2

All-round build

  • Primary: SG-225 Breaker
  • Secondary: P-19 Redeemer
  • Grenade: G-10 Incendiary
  • Armor: Medium – Democracy Protects
  • Strategem: Railgun, Shield Generator Pack, Autocannon Sentry, and Eagle Cluster Bomb.
  • Booster: Stamina Enhancement

Finally, our all-round build can be used in most situations. While it may not specialize in any particular scenario, it will get the job done with some brute force, hopes, and dreams. With a Shield Generator Pack, almost nothing can take you down if you’re on the move, and with Cluster Bombs and Autocannon Sentries to cover, it should be clear sailing. Importantly we have used the Breaker and Railgun combo as it really can come in clutch in almost every match.

These are the best Helldivers 2 loadouts we could find, mix and match them to find something that fits you perfectly. For those that haven’t got around to checking Helldivers 2 out yet, keep an eye on the Helldivers 2 server status to see how long you’re set to wait to join a game. In the meantime, look at our guide for Helldivers 2 crossplay to find out how to join your friends.