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Helldivers 2 looking at ways to stop unruly hosts from kicking you

Helldivers 2 is looking at ways to mitigate hosts kicking players during matches, with Arrowhead's CEO going to the community for ideas.

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Many Helldivers 2 players are finding themselves kicked from games by the host for no good reason, and now developer Arrowhead Game Studios has taken notice. The team is already looking at ways to mitigate the problem, with the community providing ideas and feedback that could see matchmaking filters, post-game player blocking, and more added to the game down the line.

When Twitter user ‘AliveWonderland’ noted that they’d been booted from Helldivers 2 matches by the host for using particular stratagems or weapons they didn’t like, Arrowhead Game Studios CEO Johan Pilestedt responded, saying the team has some ideas to mitigate the problem in the co-op game, while asking for player input.

“This is so sh***y. Also very hard to solve – we have some ideas but no conclusion,” Pilestedt says. “You know what, let’s try this: Hive Mind – do you have a design suggestion for how to improve this experience?”

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One idea Pilestedt responded to a few times was matchmaking filters. So no matter your choice of Helldivers 2 weapon, like-minded players can find each other if they want some more casual bug-blasting fun or ultra-serious galaxy-saving antics. Pilestedt also took note of potentially being able to block any recent teammates that kicked you, so you don’t have to match with them again.

On the flip side, having the host able to kick can stop players from entering games and trolling, with Pilestedt noting in a response “That’s why we have the system we have. The host is the owner of the game. It’s their operation and they decide.”

With the Helldivers 2 servers more stable by the day Arrowhead continues its streak of open communication while looking forward to what can make the experience better for as many players as possible.

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