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Helldivers 2 faces “grim projections” after we beat two billion bugs

With two billion Terminids defeated, Arrowhead appears to be setting us up for "grim projections" and a loss in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 lose major order: a space marine in olive green armor holding up some sort of assault rifle

Sunday April 21 @ 4:40am PDT Arrowhead now says that thanks to an Automaton attack, it is now “unable to provide updates to liberation percentage and ongoing galactic war progress for the foreseeable future.”

In what feels like an act of defiance, it looks like we’re meant to lose the next Helldivers 2 major order. After we beat two billion Terminids in less than a day Arrowhead Game Studios gave us the task of successfully defending ten planets, and it’s not going well. Now, a message from one of the community managers says there are “grim projections” for us, and that we’ll likely lose ground on both fronts against the bots and bugs. Whoever said live service games had to be fair?

If you’re looking at the Helldivers 2 galaxy map right now and thinking, ‘There’s no way we pull this off,’ you’re not alone. Despite the hundreds of thousands of us getting to work in the co-op game, I just can’t see us winning this one, lads. Arrowhead appears to feel that way too, if the most recent Galactic War Update is anything to go by.

“In what can only be described as a coordinated act of cowardice, the Automatons have recommenced their offensive while our forces were occupied with liberating E-710 from the Terminid horde,” community manager ‘Spitz’ writes on Discord. “Helldivers now face a defense on two fronts, with the Terminids protesting the recent ‘genocide’ of their ‘sentient species’ while the bot menace continues to exterminate our valued citizens in completely unprovoked attacks across the western galactic rim.

“Expert strategists have made grim projections for our forces, estimating that even with a well-coordinated effort, some ground is likely to be lost on both fronts. It is our duty to make sure that both the Automatons and Terminids pay for every inch. Helldivers in the East have already shown a valiant defense on Estanu, and are now repositioning to other planets currently under siege. Martale stands on the brink of liberation, holding the fate of Charon Prime in the balance if it can be captured successfully, while SEAF positions on Lesath and Marfark remain under constant attack.”

Helldivers 2 lose major order: a Discord post about the current state of HD2's galactic war

If I were a betting man, I’d be putting money on us losing the current major order to defend ten planets. It feels like DM Joel has given us an impossible task after we blitzed through two billion Terminids in less than a day, in an effort to shape exactly how the galactic war will continue to play out.

The planets we do successfully defend will continue to shape the overall story and where we go next, but this task is not going well. We’ve got three days left to liberate nine more planets and the automatons are inching closer to Super Earth; we’re not going to pull this one off, I fear.

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