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Helldivers 2 patch 1.000.102 nerfs hardest enemy and spawn rates

Helldivers 2 patch notes for update 1.000.102 bring with them enemy balance changes, smaller fixes, and remove one central mechanic.

Helldivers 2 patch notes 1.000.102

Helldivers 2 patch notes for update 1.000.102 are here, as Arrowhead Game Studios makes improvements to the spawn rate of heavily-armored Terminids, some UI fixes, and general stability across the online game.

We’ve got some pretty big changes in Helldivers 2 1.000.102, as the Electronic Countermeasures operation modifier has been removed, Chargers have been made easier to kill, and the overall balance of difficult enemies has been shifted in the player’s favor in the co-op game.

“The amount of heavily armored targets that spawn on higher difficulties, especially for Terminids, have been a big discussion point online and internally. The intent is for groups to have to bring some form of anti-tank capability but not to the degree previously needed,” Arrowhead Game Studios writes.

To achieve this change, Chargers and Bile Titans on difficulties seven and up have seen their spawn rates dropped, but Arrowhead adds that this doesn’t mean the difficulty has dropped as well. “Please note that we have changed the distribution of enemy types, not reduced difficulty. Expect other enemy types to appear in greater numbers instead.”

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Arrowhead also adds that it’s humbled by the community’s ability to find the Charger’s “leg meta,” but adds that spending anti-tank weapons on this instead of going for the weak points feels “counter to expectation.” Nothing will change about Charger’s legs, but instead, the health of the Terminid’s head will decrease, with a well-placed Recoilless Rifle now killing it in one go.

There’s also a pretty big gameplay change, as the Electronic Countermeasures operation modifier – which has a chance of giving you a random Helldivers 2 stratagem – has been temporarily removed to be reworked. Arrowhead says the device’s function wasn’t communicated clearly enough and caused “more frustration than confusion,” so the team is looking at changing it.

Some UI mistakes and missing text will also be resolved, with a handful of other bug fixes and known issues on the team’s radar as well.

With patch 1.000.102 upon us, you’ll want to check out the current status of the Helldivers 2 servers and what the best Helldivers 2 weapons are, to give you an edge in bringing democracy to the rest of the universe.

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