Hellraid screens show heads popping off, lively undead, and an angry minotaur


Hellraid’s trying to speak to the little demon vanquisher in all of us, it offers the chance for co-op hacking and slicing action in a grim gothic setting. And, if the screen below are anything to go by then it’s going to be a little on the bloody side.

Techland’s game has you and a friend carve your way through its story levelling up your characters while lopping off heads. To keep the game fresh for replays, Techland are taking a tip from Valve’s Left 4 Dead and is having Hellraid’s levels chopped and changed on the fly by an AI director. If you’re playing well then expect extra hordes of undead fantasy creatures to come your way; doing badly, a health shrine or two may find its way into your path.

Now onto those screens.


Techland’s main expense in the game’s development is fake blood. The other is legal fees for all the corpses they dug up.


Jerry’s the whole package: winning smile and no icky flesh to speak of.


Before the incident Ben’s belly button was an inny.


Surprisingly, this animal’s imprisonment PETA are ok with.