Heroes & Generals update adds the Forward Airfield assault map

Heroes & Generals update utz reto-moto

Heroes & Generals’ latest map will challenge players on both sides of the conflict. Forward Airfield tasks you with capturing three locations, from an exposed bridge, to a village church at the centre of a maze of fortified streets, and finally the airfield itself.

That’s not the only addition in the update, either.

Forward Airfield tasks the assaulting team with capturing the bridge south of a small village on the fringe of an Allied airfield. To succeed they have to capture the bridge, the village church, and the airfield itself.

It won’t be easy, each objective presents a different challenge:

The bridge leading into town is exposed to sniper fire from both banks of the river, making any advance, by attackers or defenders, fraught with risk. A successful attack will require the aggressors make use of light armour to push up the bridge.

The village, while small, is tightly dotted with buildings and low walls, providing cover for troops. Any incursion will be on foot and hard fought. Whoever has control the church tower can rain down sniper fire on both the bridge and the airstrip on the village’s outskirts.

The airstrip is an open encampment but exposed to fire from the village, the fields, and the forests fringing the base. It’s not going to be an easy battle.

The update’s also made tweaks to weapons to make handling grenades and semi-auto rifles more authentic. Similar changes have been made to the way soldiers move in Heroes & Generals, improving their animations.

You can read more about it in the update notes, or simply boot up the game through Steam and see the changes in action.