Heroes of Newerth has a new motherflipping announcer. It’s motherflipping Samuel L motherflipping Jackson, motherflipper

Heroes of Newerth S2 Games Samuel L Jackson

S2 are putting money in all the right parts of development when it comes to Heroes of Newerth. They’re releasing new champions, working on optimisation and balance patches to keep the game fresh for players, and they’ve hired Samuel L Jackson.

Yes, motherflipping Samuel L Jackson.

(I want this motherflipping post to contain the most near-profanity of any sitting post on bucking PCGamesN, bawlsack.)

Those motherflippers over at S2 have hired the motherflipper of Pulp Fiction fame to record some motherflipping lines as the newest motherflipping announcer in Heroes of Newerth, shiphead.

You can hear a sample of these ducking lines over on this lucking page, punt.

Or, have the bam lines read out to you via the fitting medium of Youtube:

Poo poo head!