Diablo’s Auriel and Gul’dan from WoW joining Heroes of the Storm in coming weeks

Diablo Auriel heroes of the storm

The roster of Blizzard characters gathered in Heroes of the Storm’s Nexus is expanding by two in the coming weeks, the developer has said.

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Diablo III’s archangel of hope, Auriel, and World of Warcraft’s most famous warlock will be added to the hero pool for the MOBA soon, but before then you can get a look at their finished models in Blizzard’s latest developer diary.

As usual, each comes with palette swapped skins to unlock, as well as a more flashy Master skin once you’ve done really really well with them in-game.

As well as the addition of the two new characters, King Arthas (from WoW), Johanna (from Diablo) and Li Ming (also Diablo) will get some fancy new skins themselves. Striker Li Ming is, well…interesting. Not quite sure how volleyball fits into the shared Blizziverse, but I guess that’s canon now.