Blizzard offer to pay for college tuition in Heroes of the Dorm eSports tournament

Heroes of the Dorm

Along with their other Heroes of the Storm announcements at this year’s PAX East, Blizzard have also unveiled a new eSports tournament: Heroes of the Dorm. The grand prize? A teams worth of college tuition paid for entirely by Blizzard. Even if you don’t make it to the top, there’s other tempting prizes that make up the whopping $450,000 prize pool.

Also, any team that signs up – after verifying their eligibility – will receive access to the Heroes of the Storm beta to compete.

First things first – the competition is only available to residents of the US and Canada (excluding Quebec). If you fulfill that requirement, then here’s how to get involved:

  1. Find four other teammates and register your team here before March 26th. Don’t worry if you or your friends don’t access to the beta, as it will be granted to you at verification.
  2. You’ll then compete in online group stages between March 28th and March 29th.
  3. April 11th to April 19th signal the top 64 Single Elimination bracket.
  4. The top four teams will make it to the final event, which will be televised on ESPN!

If you do make it to the top four, you’re already going to be ladened with prizes, including a snazzy gaming PC, headset and mousepad (also the flight to the event is all paid for). Teams that make it to the top 64 bracket will also recieve $40 in funds to puchase a roster of heroes for the event.

Those of us outside the eligible regions, or just not a college student, don’t worry – we can also participate. Fantasy Brackets will be live during the entire event, allowing you to make predictions. The top five will also win themselves the gaming PC, whereas the top prediction snags a smooth $10,000. Additionally, 25 random winners will also receive prizes, and all participants get their hands on a unique Azmodan portrait.

You can find out more about the Heroes of the Dorm tournament here, and make sure to keep an eye on PCGamesN for future coverage.