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Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm anti-hacking defences may be a bit overzealous

Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard has a system that checks out what kind of software you’re packing, and will ban you from playing Heroes of the Storm if it detects anything nefarious. If you’ve got some kind of hacking software running, you can bet you’ll be booted. But it seems like the system is a bit over eager, and is accidentally discovering false positives if you have certain software installed. 

As noted by users on the Battle.net forums, Xonar audio drivers were responsible for a number of users being banner. This has since been resolved by Blizzard, but there are still players who remain banned.

Through the use of a program called ‘HookShark’, which detects ‘hooks’ that Heroes of the Storm would consider ban-worthy, Nvidia video driver files are being flagged, suggesting that Blizzard’s anti-cheat system brings out false-positive results for some Nvidia users. People with the files nvd3d9wrap.dll and nvdxgiwrap.dll that are part of the GeForce drivers have found themselves subject to bans.

The forums, as well as Reddit, contain stories of players who have struggled to gain response from Blizzard through the traditional ticket support system. Blizzard are apparently working through the anti-hack system results though, hoping to overturn any false results. A post from a Blizzard representative reads: “Our Hacks team has been tirelessly reviewing the actions taken to ensure we’re actioning legitimate users while also defending our game from exploits and cheats. We’ve recently overturned some account actions that affected legitimate users. We’re still committed to providing the best possible play experiences, and apologize for any users that were actioned in error!”

Have you been banned from Heroes of the Storm despite not cheating?