Heroes of the Storm patch offers rewards to Diablo III players

Heroes of the Storm Diablo

A colossal new patch has just been applied to Heroes of the Storm’s Public Test Realm. There’s hundreds of new changes, but the most interesting of all is a new incentive for Blizzard game players to check out Heroes of the Storm. If you’re a Diablo III player, logging into Heroes within the three weeks of the patch going live will get you a bunch of Diablo-themed goodies, including a Hero to add to your collection.

As noted in the huge set of patch notes, players of Diablo III and Reaper of Souls who log into Heroes during the three weeks following the release of the patch will permanently receive Diablo in Heroes of the Storm.

And that’s just an easy reward for any old Diablo player. Starting with Season 4, any Diablo player who reaches level 70 with a Seasonal character will receive Malthael’s Phantom in Heroes of the Storm.

Finally, Diablo III players who reach Player Level 12 in Heroes will receive a Heroes-themed Portrait Border and Pennant in Diablo III.

Aside from these Diablo incentives, the other big news is Heroes of the Storm’s new Battleground: Infernal Shrines. We saw it being shown off at Gamescom, and the Diablo-themed map sees players battling over shrines to summon a Punisher to fight for them.

Along side the new Battleground, the new Monk hero Kharazim will be added to the game.

The huge list of changes to Heroes of the Storm can be found here, with tweaks to almost every hero in the game, alongside various bug squashes and fixes.