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Heroes of The Storm shows off new characters, skins and mounts


A new video has been released showing off some tasty new stuff that’s coming to Heroes of The Storm.

On a lovely, spinning 3D model viewer, the video shows us variations of the hulking, heavily armoured Lt. Morales, the otherworldly Artanis, and the Wild West-inspired Marshal Raynor.

Following that, we get to see some of Marshal Raynor’s themed abilities in action. Spoiler: he shoots things.

Next up is Buccaneer Falstad, riding on the back of a giant parrot like an absolute boss. We get to see a short clip of him in action, too.

Finally, we take a look at some mounts, which are a nice mix of mechanical and beast: Marshal’s Outrider, the Void Speeder, Nexus Battle Beast, Headless Horsman’s Charger, and the Vulture. Have a look at the characters, skins and mounts in the video below:

In case you missed it, Blizzard recently introduced new punishments for reported players and you can read about that here.