Sally Whitemane joins Heroes of the Storm – here are her talents and abilities

Sally Whitemane has made her way to the Nexus, so it's time to break down her HotS talents and abilities

There’s a new hero making her presence known in the Nexus, as the latest patch has brought Sally Whitemane to the fight. The High Inquisitor serves as a support, but her healing abilities support an aggressive playstyle, restoring ally health as Whitemane deals damage to enemy heroes.

Whitemane’s trait is Zeal, which applies to allies for eight seconds any time she casts a healing ability on them. During that time, any damage Whitemane deals to enemy heroes is translated 100% to affected allies as healing. That makes her the perfect backup in team fights, keeping friends healed for every point of damage she’s able to deal to foes.

Sally’s basic abilities deal out the damage and healing straight-up. Her Q is Desperate Plea, which heals allies but gives her Desperation – a temporary increase to the ability’s mana cost that stacks up to three times. Whitemane’s W is Inquisition, which channels on enemy heroes to slow them and deal damage over time. On E, Searing Lash smites enemies in a straight line, with a second strike following up on affected heroes after a delay.

You can see the full list of abilities and talents below, or you can get a summary via Blizzard’s Whitemane Spotlight video. It’s worth noting that Sally doesn’t have a strong means of escape, so if you’re facing off against her, the recommended strategy is to isolate her and cut off any obvious means of backtracking. (Easier said than done when she’s draining your health and restoring it to her teammates.)

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Whitemane Trait

  • Zeal
    • Whitemane’s Healing abilities apply Zeal for 8 seconds.
    • Allies with Zeal are healed for 100% of the damage Whitemane deals to Heroes.

Whitemane Basic Abilities

  • Desperate Plea (Q)
    • Heal an allied Hero for 145 and gain Desperation for 4 seconds.
    • Desperation increases Desperate Plea’s Mana cost by 60 and stacks up to 3 times.
    • Mana: 30
    • Cooldown: 0.3 seconds
  • Inquisition (W)
    • Channel on an enemy Hero for up to 3 seconds, dealing 53 damage every 0.5 seconds and slowing them by 30%
    • Mana: No Mana Cost
    • Cooldown: 14 seconds
  • Searing Lash (E)
    • After 0.5 seconds, smite enemies in a straight line for 82 damage.
    • If the first strike hits an enemy Hero, a second strike will occur after a short delay.
    • Mana: No Mana cost
    • Cooldown: 5 seconds

Whitemane Heroic Abilities

  • Scarlet Aegis (R)
    • Bolster the spirits of nearby allied Heroes, healing them for 250 and granting them 40 Armor for 4 seconds.
    • Cooldown: 60 seconds
    • Mana: No Mana cost
  • Divine Reckoning (R)
    • After a 1 second delay, consecrate an area for 4 seconds, dealing 50 damage every 0.5 seconds to enemies in the area.
    • Cooldown: 100 seconds
    • Mana: No Mana cost

Whitemane Talents

  • 1 – [Q] Martydom
    • Each stack of Desperation increases Desperate Plea’s healing by 30%.
  • 1 – [W] Clemency
    • Activate to cast Inquisition on an allied Hero, healing them for up to 371 over 3 seconds while Channeling.
    • Passive: Reduce Inquisition’s cooldown by 3 seconds.
  • 1 – [E] Righteous Flame
    • Searing Lash deals 50% more damage to enemies who are Stunned, Rooted, Silenced or Slowed.
  • 1 – Pity the Frail
    • Allies below 50% Health receive 25% more healing from Zeal.
  • 4 – [Q] Unwavering Faith
    • Reduce Desperate Plea’s Mana cost by 30. Upon reaching 3 stacks of Desperation, gain a 250 Shield for 5 seconds.
  • 4 – [W] High Inquisitor
    • Casting Inquisition instantly removes all stacks of Desperation and restores 60 Mana per stack removed.
  • 4 – [E] Indulgence
    • Searing Lash’s first strike restores 10 Mana per Hero hit, and its second strike restores 30 Mana per Hero hit.
  • 7 – [Q] Zealous Spirit
    • Upon reaching 2 stacks of Desperation, Whitemane gains Zeal.
  • 7 – Fanatical Power
    • Activate to gain 50% Spell Power and lose 25 Armor for 5 seconds.
    • Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • 7 – Intercession
    • Activate to make an ally Unstoppable for 1 second and gain 1 stack of Desperation.
    • Cooldown: 60 seconds
  • 10 – [R1] Scarlet Aegis
    • Bolster the spirits of nearby allied Heroes, healing them for 250 and granting them 40 Armor for 4 seconds.
  • 10 – [R2] Divine Reckoning
    • After 1 second, consecrate an area for 4 seconds, dealing 50 damage every 0.5 seconds to enemies inside.
  • 13 – [Q] Self-Righteous
    • Casting Desperate Plea on an ally heals Whitemane for 125. Does not grant Zeal.
  • 13 – [E] Harsh Discipline
    • Hitting a Hero with Searing Lash while they are being targeted by Inquisition Roots them for 1.5 seconds.
  • 13 – Guiding Light
    • Whenever Zeal is applied to allies other than Whitemane, it grants them 20% Movement Speed for 2 seconds
  • 16 – [Q] Radiance
    • Upon reaching 3 stacks of Desperation, all allies with Zeal are healed for 200.
  • 16 – [W] Searing Punishment
    • Upon casting, Inquisition can chain to an additional enemy Hero near its target, dealing 35 damage every 0.5 seconds.
  • 16 – [E] Lashing Out
    • Searing Lash’s second strike deals 25% more damage and reduces Searing Lash’s cooldown to 1 second if it hits a Hero.
  • 20 – Scarlet Crusade
    • Scarlet Aegis heals for 50% more and makes affected allies Unstoppable for 1 second.
  • 20 – Judgement Day
    • Divine Reckoning deals 50% more damage and pulls enemies to its center the first time it hits them.
  • 20 – Subjugation
    • Inquisition reduces all damage the target deals by 75%.
  • 20 – Purge the Wicked
    • Activate to blast an enemy Hero with holy fire, reducing their Armor by 25 and dealing 300 damage over 4 seconds.