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Skeleton King Leoric now available in Heroes Of The Storm


With the swing of a mace and the ghastly noise of a ghost made flesh again, Leoric stomps onto the battlefields of Heroes of the Storm. The first boss of Diablo 3 is looking mighty more powerful than in that game, equipped with a host of abilities for crushing enemies underfoot and absorbing damage. He’s even basically invulnerable, never properly leaving the battlefield. Here’s the trailer:

Not that I want to explain the joke, but the team of heroes ol’ Leo’s gathered around himself at the end there? The ones that will never betray him? From left to right: Kerrigan, The Queen Of Blades, who betrayed her entire race to the Zerg swarm, twice. A guy literally called Illidan ‘The Betrayer’. Arthas, The Lich King, who’s ambition drove him to take up Frostmorne, killing his best friend in the process and dooming his entire kingdom. Last is Zagara, who’s actually alright but is, y’know, a Zerg queen. Not known for their teamwork.

Better luck next time, mate. Here’s the summary of his skills and abilities:

It’s something of a joke now to call a new introduction to a MOBA overpowered but … I mean, come on, he doesn’t die. Sure he gives gold and experience when his HP is reduced to zero, but he can still have an effect on the fight and may even return for a second go round. The solution there would be to kill him last so he can be safely ignored, but with his suite of crowd control abilities and blocking tools, that’s a dangerous path to take. I find what is and isn’t powerful in Heroes difficult to judge, however, so it’s possible I’m way off.

More info on Leoric over on his Hero Week post. You can pick him up in game for 15,000 gold or £7.49.