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You can play the first two hours of sci-fi mystery Hevn for free right now


Who likes Deus Ex-style immersive sims? You do. Who thinks a bit of modern survival gameplay is just the thing to freshen them up? You do. Who wants to play Hevn? Well, maybe you do. To celebrate its release next month you can play the first two hours of Hevn right now.

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You can grab the demo from Hevn’s website, or from Itch.io. It’s also coming to the game’s Steam page, but isn’t live at time of writing.

Set in 2128, Hevn casts you as prospective colonist Sebastian Mar. You’ll leave a hot and crowded Earth for the distant planetoid of Naic, earning your keep as a miner. Naturally, conditions are challenging, and All Is Not As It Seems as you find only robots and an AI for company when you arrive at your new job. You’ll need to manage your health, fatigue, and sanity to simply survive on this faraway rock, while learning more about your employers and their controversial mining mission than you ever suspected.

Key features include:

  • An interactive environment; read magazines, wear different clothes, use devices and machinery, and talk with robots.
  • A simulated world, including a day/night cycle and random events
  • Use your in-game tablet to communicate with family and friends back home, as well as managing your situation.
  • Explore the world on foot, or use the hovering cargo transport to traverse terrain with ease
  • Eat, drink, sleep, or take medication to survive.
  • Hunt alien life and harvest plants for food, but beware: no resource is infinite.
  • Reading datagraphs for hundreds of objects to learn about the world. The more you read, the more expansive the story becomes.
  • Use in-game currency to purchase upgrades, food, medication, and more – or send it back to your family.
  • Use tools and weapons to survive, fending off critters and solving puzzles.

“We wanted to make a unique first-person game that throws the player into a dangerous, story-rich experience with only a few ways out,” Mat Mathews of developers Miga says. “Although at times the player may be faced with combat situations, we’re weaving in a deep story, rich with conflict, mystery and adventure.”

Hevn is due for a full release on July 19.