Hex deals its first PvE adventure with Frost Ring Arena

Hex: Shards of Fate is a really excellent CCG. That, at least, is not under dispute.

Hex, the digital collectible card game, has drawn its very first piece of single-player content. Frost Ring Arena is a PvE challenge that pits players against a selection of challenging AI characters, and adds a variety of new cards to the game’s already packed deck. 

Frost Ring Arena, like Hearthstone’s Naxxramas, is made up of different ‘wings’, each housing four opponents and a boss. These villains are randomly chosen from a pool of 30 regular and 7 boss AIs, meaning each play of the Frost Ring will be unique. These AIs will work with specific tactics, making them a different play experience from regular PvP encounters. For example, some may use lots of counter abilities, whilst others draw cards from a specific school of magic.

Matches in the Frost Ring also come with challenges, such as not taking more than five points of damage during a game. Succeed in the challenge, and you’ll be able to use a buff as the game proceeds, such as an extra unit, or being able to continue playing even after being defeated three times (which would normally end the game).

The Frost Ring Arena is open and live now, so just log into Hex’s Open Beta and start challenging those bosses to a spell-tacular game of cards right away!