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400,000 furry fans have had data stolen from a sex game website

400,000 fans of adult furry game High Tail Hall have had their data stolen in a breach dating back to August

High Tail Hall

An adult game featuring a cast of sexualised anthropomorphic animals has been subject to a sensitive data breach. Nearly half a million users of adult furry game High Tail Hall are thought to have had their data stolen in a breach back in August.

Despite taking place over the summer, the breach was only recently discovered by hack monitoring website Have I Been Pwned, which allows users to check whether their details has been compromised in any data breaches. The company got in touch with the developers of High Tail Hall earlier this week, prompting an announcement earlier today.

That announcement (which I won’t link to but can be found on developer HTH Studio’s website) states that the data leak relates to the company’s old website, which was overhauled in October. Since that time, HTH Studios claims it is using “a much more advanced and stable security system.” They also state, however, that 411,000 unique email addresses have been posted to “a popular hacking forum,” along with “physical and IP addresses, names, and orders,” and advise all users to update their passwords.

High Tail Hall began life in the early 2000s as a flash game in which players could seduce a variety of sexualised animals. It spawned two direct sequels, before an entirely revamped version of the game was released in 2011. Since its inception over a decade ago, it’s proved particularly popular within the furry community, and has ‘starred’ everything from a busty zebra to a hermaphroditic cat.

High Tail Hall is currently being developed in the Unity Engine, and will allow players to explore an entire island of furry characters, as well as the opportunity to visit locations and characters from the first two games. In case you’re interested, there’s currently no release date attached to the project, but it is funded by a surprisingly lucrative patreon, so you can head over there if you fancy having something awkward to explain on your browsing history some time soon.