Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy adventure game gets remastered release

hitchhikers guide to the galaxy bbc douglas adams

It’s 30 years Infocom released the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy adventure game. One of the most brutally difficult, hilariously callous puzzle games you will likely play. Take too long finding the light switch in the first room and you will find the world demolished around you by the Vogon destructor fleet. Don’t eat the nuts after hitching a ride on the Vogon ship and you will die of protein loss. It’s a hard game.

To mark its anniversary the BBC have released a remastered version of the game. It’s in fancy HD now.

The developer Sean Solle was on the Today Programme earlier this morning, touting his work in updating the ancient game:

So the story of the game remains unchanged but all the visuals have been given that perty new age treatment.

The BBC don’t seem to have got round to uploading the game just yet. It may go live later this evening when the first episode of the original series is rebroadcast. Until then you can play the 20th anniversary release of the game.

There’s loads more about the anniversary, and even a chance to get tickets to a live recording of the first episode with the original cast over on the Radio 4 Extra website.