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Hitman: Absolution trailer shows off the game’s cutscenes, designed as “breaks” from the game’s relentless challenge


“The ambition with the cutscenes is to make every single scene interesting enough in itself as something that the player would want to see,” says Hitman: Absolution game director Tore Blystad in the new trailer.

“You can watch them, you get an introduction to the level, you understand the characters a little bit more and then you go on with the game.” But the team also have another motivation.

Continues Blystad: “In a game like Hitman, where there is so much gameplay, so much within the game mechanics to challenge the players, the cutscenes also become a break between those challenging gameplay moments.”

Watch the rest below, which features an in-depth look at IO’s motion new capture process, and an actress whose role is ‘head nun’.

Now, I’m all for steady heartbeats and unburst blood vessels. But do you need your tension broken for you, or can you be trusted to pause the game and make a cup of tea every now and again?