Hitman Contracts silently infiltrates Steam

Hitman Contracts

Square Enix almost certainly achieved the Silent Assassin medal when adding Hitman Contracts to Steam this week. Practically no one noticed it had happened, with no fanfare on the storefront, and no inclusion in the mid-week Hitman bundle, either. But look carefully and you’ll see it’s definitely there. And so the PC collection is complete. 

Contracts has always been the sore point for PC Hitman aficionados, being the sole title from the franchise that never made it to Steam. The situation has frequently been blamed on licensing issues, with the track Clutch by Immortal being the spark point. The band were petitioned by fans to withdraw their licensing claim, but who is to blame lies largely in the realm of speculation. Whatever the problem was though, it is now resolved and Contracts is here to stay.

When first launched earlier in the week, Contracts suffered from a complete lack of soundtrack or voice work, but these problems have since been rectified. You can grab the fully-functioning game for the respectable price of £4.99 right now, if you’d rather get down to the killing than continue reading.

Thanks, PC Gamer.