29 ways to die (and some more ways to look good in a suit): Every Hitman Absolution image we could find


In an attempt to grab absolutely every Hitman image and screenshot that we possibly can, we spread our net far and wide across the, uh, the net. Here’s all the pictures that we could find, many of them showcasing the varied and horrid ways that Mr. Hitman, Codename 47, can finish people off. Are you ready? Take a deep breath, it could be your last.

It would seem that 47 has no problem with taking a traditional approach to his work, employing firearms to solve his problems. That doesn’t mean he’s boring, though. No, not at all. There’s a lot of variety in what he does, and it includes…

…shooting people from the front…

…shooting people from the side…

…and shooting people from behind. While pretending to wipe their noses.

He can shoot people near…

…and shoot people far.

He can even shoot people while listening to his iPod.

He can shoot all of the people…

…or he can be very particular about his work.

If you’re with friends, he might hold off on shooting you. He’s not here to embarrass you…

..but nothing causes more of a scene than attaching a target to a gentleman’s head…

..and he could shoot you so hard that all your clothes fly off into the air.

He can… oh my goodness, what was that?!

Ah, it was Mr. Hitman, Codename 47.

But guns aren’t the solution to all of our problems, only most of them.

Still, there are other ways to clean up this town…

…one person at a time.

A good start would be tossing a grenade into the annual police disco.

While the locals could do with an image makeover.

Actually, a bit of keep-fit never hurt anyone. It’s hardly backbreaking stuff.

Every assassin is trained in the deadly art of food poisoning…

…but few know the exotic technique known as Death by Cupboard.

Dropping very pointy bunting onto people’s heads is a tried and true method.

But 47 can drop anything he can think of….

…really, anything at all.

Though axe murder always lends itself to a multitude of puns, 47 is mature enough not to go there…

…and simply appreciates the purity that sharp implements afford…

…though he always has the old “bash them to death with a bible” technique to fall back on…

…and he’s never averse to plumbing people to death (best not to ask how that actually works).

I can’t confirm, but rumour has it 47 can even kill people but just giving them a stern talking to…

…especially if it’s about their drug habit. Oh, wait! Turns out it’s actually the gun he uses. My bad.

He can definitely stare them to death, though. Like a sort of badly Medusa.

You see, if he stares hard enough, people catch fire. It’s true.

But in a recent interview, 47 said he had had enough of a life where he was sneaking around.

“I’m so tired of hiding,” he told PCGamesN, exclusively.

“I don’t want to live my life in the shadows,” he said. “Of venetian blinds.”

He said he wanted a quiet life, and to spend more time in his garden…

…where he can enjoy the simple things, like barbecues with friends.

And… oh, wait, nope! Turns out he wanted to electrocute people with his new fence.

To be honest, I don’t think 47 is ever going to change.

But the truth is, all 47 really wants to do is play some guitar.

Cause 47 just wants to party.

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