Lethal Weapon’s Gary Busey is Agent 47’s next Elusive Target, go assassinate him now


Update July 20, 2016: Gary Busey has arrived in Sapienza, which means you can load up Hitman and go hunting the Hollywood legend right now. Certainly something we never thought we’d be saying.

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In addition to Busey’s arrival, Gary Cole will also be appearing during the mission and might even lend an unknowing hand to players struggling to locate the haywire actor. A briefing video for the seventh elusive target is live now, which you can watch below.

Original story July 19, 2016: Gary Busey is a busy boy. Not only has he been in over 150 movies during his career, but he’s about to show up in Hitman as the next Elusive Target.

Gary Busey showing up in Hitman might seem weird, but it’s no stranger than the Chuckle Borthers doing some video promo for the game pre-release.

Busey turning up as an Elusive Target comes after the ‘Choose Your Hit’ online campaign. Here fans voted who would appear in Hitman as a special, time-sensitive target between two Hollywood big-hitters Gary Cole and Gary Busey.

On July 21, Busey will be arriving in Sapienza where the one-shot target will be available for a week. I hope he runs with his mouth contorted into a gurn.

Here are the details: