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Hitman Absolution ‘Tools of the Trade’ trailer shows off a myriad of guns and some more unconventional killing devices


There was a time when we feared for the future of the Hitman series. Nuns were clad in PVC, guns were fired from the hip, and slow, darkly comic killing seemed to have been replaced with po-faced spray and pray gunning. Now that fear has dribbled into mere worry, what with the new trailer revealing a plunger as a weapon.

Unfortunately we don’t get the see the plunger in use, though I can imagine it’s almost as brilliant a use for a plungeras this.

On top of the less conventional weapons – coffee mug! – there are also a plethora ofassault rifles, light machine guns, uzis, and other shooty-bang-bangparaphernalia. Sothat sort of gamer should still be kept happy.

Now that we have plungers and contract modes, Hitman is starting to look a wee bit more exciting.