Hitman: Absolution Ultimate Assassin trailer shows off instincts, costumes, and the downsides of shooting into a crowd


Nuns in latex aside, one of the more controversial moves by Eidos in making the new Hitman game has been adding ‘Instinct’. It allows you to see enemy patrol routes, glance through walls, and all manner of superhuman tomfoolery. The point of contention is that it’s just not Hitman, he was always just a man in a suit who happened to be exceptionally good at killing. Well the latest trailer goes some ways to detailing his powers and also pointing out the modes that allow you to play Hitman without them.

Delivered to us by a bald man in a suit speckled with blood, he said only three words “Hitman Youtube channel” before slipping into the crowd, also, he killed an intern:

Hmm. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Well. Hmm. What do you think? I’m conflicted. On the one hand you can turn these instinct doodads off – though only by opting for the obscenely hard purist difficulty setting – on the other there’s a bit of me thinking they have no place in a Hitman game. They drag up all those worries those early trailers of 47 shooting and exploding his way through a mission, that this is a Hitman less about patiently observing and acting out a plan, more about reacting moment to moment.

Still, Steve’s been fairly taken with the game and he’s killed people – so I’m told – so he should know how it holds up.

We’ll be able to find out for ourselves soon enough; Hitman slinks onto our fair shores on 20 November.