Fifth Hitman elusive target challenges you to take out a gunrunner in Marrakesh

Hitman elusive target 5

There’s a new gunrunner in town, but only for the next 72 hours. Hitman’s fifth elusive target has gone live, set on the Marrakesh map. As always, once the time is up the target disappears forever, and if you mess it up once that was your only chance. Taking him out will reward you with unique cosmetics, assuming you’ve hit the four beforehand too.

Evolving, time-sensitive content help Hitman be one of the coolest games of 2016.

Here’s the trailer for this particular contract:

Zero further details were given by Io as to where he is or how best to take him down, beyond the mention of the senate. Disguising yourself will be key, I feel, or they’re not going to be pleased with your gun-toting presence.

As for what you’ll get for hunting him down, it’s a very, very shiny suit. You can see full details of it over in the announcement post. You’ve got until 1pm BST / 5am PT to get it done – good luck.