Hitman Elusive Targets now bring sartorial rewards – kill ‘The Chef’ this week for a tuxedo

Hitman in Paris

Update November 19, 2016: The Chef has arrived in Paris, so make sure he doesn’t leave the city of love and bag yourself a sweet tux for the trouble. You’ve got until next Friday, November 25, to get the job done and earn your new threads, just don’t mess it up.

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Original story November 17, 2016: Hitman’s elusive target contracts are getting new rewards in a range of unlockable suits. Elusive Target #14, The Chef, will appear in Paris tomorrow, and remain for one week. A stylish tuxedo is yours if you “whackez-vous les problemo”, as they say in France.

Take a look at the image below for a rundown of all the rewards on offer. The suits in the top row unlock for completing each upcoming elusive target contract in the game’s six locations, while those in the bottom two panels unlock for completing several contracts, some of which also stipulate the Silent Assassin rating.

Once earned, each suit is added to your inventory and can be used in all locations and contracts that allow you to select a starting suit.

Developers Io Interactive make clear that the new rewards system will kick off with ET14 (The Chef), so you can’t retroactively unlock the new suits based on previous contracts you may have fulfilled. If you haven’t done any elusive targets at all, you can still unlock all the rewards. Each target is only active for a week and will never be repeated, however, so if you wait too long or miss too many, some of these rewards will be out of reach for good.

The Chef contract will go live in Paris at 1pm GMT tomorrow, November 18th, and remain so for seven days. As ever, you’ll need to complete all objectives and exit the mission successfully to complete the contract.

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