Hitman’s new escalation contract pits bald triggermen against “extreme” security


I don’t know if Hitman’s escalation contracts are literally building to a bloody climax as their name suggests, but they’re certainly persistent. We had two pop up in the episodic murder puzzler’s Paris map last week, and here comes another: The Hexagon Protocol.

Are there any sandbox games more creative in killing than this one?

The new challenges impose multiple targets, specific exits, kill restrictions and new “extreme” security measures once you reach stage five.

Escalation Contracts are, say Squeenix, “all about having fun with the game mechanics and mixing up your approach and strategy”.

“With each new Escalation stage, something new is added to the mix,” they write. “It could be a time limit, additional security measures, additional targets, new enforcers, specific kill conditions or complications such as hiding all bodies within 90 seconds. Escalation Contracts put your location mastery and strategies to the test.”

Could you navigate the Paris mansion in your sleep by this point?