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Gears of War mode, toilet traps and more: watch us play Hitman just like the pros don’t

Most ridiculous ways to play Hitman

We’re Hitfans at PCGamesN. Y’know, fans of Hitman? We love all that stealth and murder, and want to share our knowledge of the assassination arts with you. That’s why we’ve made this educational video showcasing our best kills. You may find the approach somewhat… unconventional, but if nothing else these ridiculous ways to play Hitman should inspire you to become a better agent. 

Put your skills to good use in the PC’s best stealth games.

Our favourite absurd methods of play involve bundling unsuspecting innocents into industrial wood chippers, ignoring mission objectives and just shooting the target in broad daylight, and luring people into a false sense of security with a relaxing massage. All very important lessons in wetwork, we think you’ll agree.

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