We’ve hit another man! Better known as: watch us do the latest Hitman Elusive Target

The broker hitman

We’ve done played a Hitman again. This is the third Elusive Target attempt we’ve been brave enough to let the world see – The Twin and Gary Busey have seen mixed success, shall we say… – and we’re heading back to Paris for this one. Ooh la la etc.

Hitman is a good game – and we’ve plenty more where it came from on the PCGamesN homepage.

Our mission this time is to take down The Broker, a nasty sort who funds terrorist organisations. Or maybe he just keeps breaking things. Either way he needs killing, and he also has a fancy Fabergé egg that we’re supposed to steal. And steal it we will! Or will we…

Check out the video for the answer – it’s Joel at the helm this time, with Bodders as co-pilot – and do keep coming to our YouTube channel for more Let’s Plays and other videos. We get awful lonely.