Hitman’s August update lets players choose the Featured Contracts


Another month, another Hitman update. The changes coming to the stealth game in August are reasonably small, but they pave the way for some interesting new ways for Io Interactive to let their community get involved with the game.

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There are no major game updates in either this month or September, but Io say they’re using this upcoming period of calm to work on some exciting announcements. August is also the first time in more than a year that the monthly update hasn’t included an Elusive Target.

The first changes are ten new Featured Contracts that will arrive on August 11. Featured contracts are created by the players, and are those that have met with approval from Io and the community at large. As always there’ll be a variety of locations and targets available.

Arriving later in August will be the game’s first ever player-curated Featured Contracts. These will function in much the same way as with the normal featured contracts, which have been a part of the game since not long after launch, but with one major change. The player-curated contracts will be chosen by prominent members of the Hitman community, and the first will be Brazilian streamer Mendietinha.

Also on August 11, Io will release Hitman’s sixth Challenge Pack, The Art of Revenge, which will be added to the Hokkaido map. Completing all the challenges unlocks a unique item (to be revealed next week), as well as offering a bonus location mastery.

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