Hitman’s Summer Bonus Episode brings two new missions in reworked Sapienza and Marrakesh today


Hitman’s Summer Bonus Episode releases today, bringing two new contracts to reworked versions of the game’s best two maps so far. 

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These two new contracts aren’t part of the Hitman story arc – rather, they’re just ways for you to flex your murder muscles with an alien setup in a familiar locale.

In Sapienza, ‘The Icon’, takes you back to the Italian town, albeit after it’s been taken over by a movie crew. There’s a sci-fi blockbuster being filmed, complete with a 100ft mechanical killer robot in the middle of the town square. You’re tasked with taking out the lead.

The second contract, ‘A House Built on Sand’, takes players back to the Marrakesh markets on a busy night. Here Agent 47 has to halt a billion dollar deal.

Here’s the trailer:

These two contracts come with remixed NPCs, fresh Challenges and devilish Opportunities.

You’ll have to own the Full Experience, or have used the Upgrade Pack, to access the Summer Bonus Episode, unfortunately, meaning it won’t be available for you if you’ve been buying the game an episode at a time. For those players, it will be purchasable at a later date, though it will be packaged with a third bonus mission. The third bonus mission will be available for Full Experience owners at no extra cost.