Watch us wreak havoc in Hokkaido as we play Hitman episode six

Hitman episode 6 Hokkaido Let's Play

Crikey, that’s a hard level. We went in blind the first time we played the sixth and final episode of Hitman, and in retrospect filming it might have been a mistake. Two targets to assassinate, no items to take in with you, and not even any pickup locations – Io are determined to test us to the limits of our killer instincts. Can we locate and take out our marks? Can we even get a single other disguise without an entire hospital’s worth of security staff bundling into one men’s toilet? The answer lies beyond that big play button.

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Hokkaido is a smaller level than many – perhaps all- previous instalments in this game, but it’s a compact and tricky environment, too. Without keycards just lying around waiting to be pilfered, you’re forced to go hunting for outfits with microchips embedded within them that allow access to different areas.

Simple enough, but the place is also teeming with security and loudmouth civilians. Hokkaido is basically a nightmare the first time you play it.

Still, we’ve put ourselves through a humiliating catastrophe and filmed it so that you may benefit from what you see. You. Are. Welcome. If you enjoyed the video and want to watch more a bit like them, subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube.

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