HMV cuts games team to a fraction of its former strength

Call of Duty: Ghosts

The world of brick-and-mortar games selling looks a little grimmer this morning. HMV has half-decimated its UK team of dedicated games specialists, cutting the buying and merchandising team from 10 to two in a new round of layoffs.

Head of technology and games Ewan Pinder and games category manager Andy Pinder were among those made redundant.

An HMV executive told MCV earlier this week that it “doesn’t look good for games at HMV. I’d have to speculate that the potential buyers don’t see it as a big player in the future of the company.”
Gamerbase, HMV’s admirable stab at in-shop competitive events, has already taken a hit with the resignation of boss Dominic Mulroy. Three Gamerbase outlets, in Edinburgh, Manchester and Trocadero, are to be shut down as part of 66 store closures and over 900 redundancies in the coming weeks.

HMV is currently navigating administration with the help of Deloitte, while restructuring firm Hilco UK are still in pole position to buy the company.

By all accounts, the games industry very much needs physical retail to continue for a while yet, before Steam and its ilk can gently prise the money baton from its fingers. And Lord knows, HMV’s staff need their jobs. But on PC,we’re at the thin end of the wedge. When was the last time you held a PC game?