Here’s what’s new in Hollow Knight’s latest free update

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight’s latest update, Hidden Dreams, is now live.

The patch brings a new Stag Station, two new music tracks, and two new (optional) bosses amongst other tweaks, as well as a new fast-travel option called Dream Gates.

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There have been issues with some controllers “behaving weirdly” or not being recognised by the game, so a new control mode (still in beta, mind) should help resolve any lingering problems (if you are having issues with your controller, it’s recommended you go to Options > Game Options and turn Native Controller Input (Beta) to ‘On’).

There have also been reports that Hollow Knight quits to the main menu sometimes, but it seems to be occuring after saving so whilst “inconvenient/jarring” (to use the developers’ own words), you shouldn’t lose your progress. Oh, and the game’s been translated into Italian, too.

The Mac patch has yet to roll out, incidentally, “due to a last-minute mac specific bug” developers Team Cherry say. They’re sorry for the inconvenience, though, and expect the Mac version “to arrive very soon.”

For the full patch notes, check out Hollow Knight’s steam page.

Hollow Knight is out now on GOG, Humble and on Steam for Windows and Mac following its successful Kickstarter campaign.