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Free games: The original Homefront is free on Humble Bundle

free games humble bundle homefront

Deep Silver are giving away the original Homefront on Humble Bundle. Though, you’ll have to be quick about it, it’s a limited time offer.

Humble Montly October 2017

Originally released back in 2011, Homefront saw you sign up to the American resistance after America is invaded by a unified Korea. The game was met with a mixed response, some saying the campaign was a punchy affair, others calling it too short. But now’s the perfect time to find out for yourself, seeing as you can pick it up for free on Humble Bundle.

Homefront had a tumultuous few years afterwards. THQ said that they were working on a sequel but soon the company was forced to declare bankruptcy. In 2013, the series got picked up by Crytek, who started work on Homefront: The Revolution. Crytek announced the game in 2014 but didn’t complete work on that game either.

Due to financial struggles a few months after announcing the game, Crytek had to sell the studio working on the game to Deep Silver, who were the publisher attached to the project. The newly-named Dambuster Studio finished and released the Homefront sequel in 2016.

We’ve not heard anything about a sequel since Homefront: The Revolution’s launch but I wouldn’t be surprised if we one day saw a new game, so in preparation for that, maybe pick up the original for free while you have the chance.