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Dark Souls and Hades combine in bloody new Steam roguelike

Take the eerie fantasy world of Dark Souls and blend it with the roguelike elements of Hades and you get this new Steam 'surviorlike.'

Dark Souls and Hades combine in bloody new Steam roguelike: A young woman wearing leather armor jumps through the air, sword raised above her head as a village catches fire behind her

While I, like almost everyone else, absolutely adore Hades, a part of me has always been looking for something a little darker. Of the thousands of roguelike games that it has spawned, I’ve never managed to find something that’s combined the darkness of games like Diablo and Dark Souls with the ever-changing, constantly upgrading combat of Supergiant’s 2018 behemoth – until Hordes of Hunger, that is.

Unveiled on Thursday, March 21, Hordes of Hunger is described as a ‘survivorlike,’ blending the hacking and slashing of games like Diablo and Dark Souls with the conventional roguelike mechanics of Hades.

You’re thrust into the shoes of Mirah, a young warrior who is tasked with defending her homeland from hordes of vicious monsters that are intent on devouring everything whole. At the head of their legions is The Beast, a mysterious entity that you’ll need to destroy to save your people.

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And there’s a lot of ways to do just that. In true Hades style you’ll be gifted a trio of different upgradable abilities to choose from at various points during your run, all of which can combine to create explosive combinations that are perfect for tearing the hordes asunder.

Once you’ve perfected your build, you can choose from an arsenal of varied weaponry, from light weapons like swords to heavier bludgeons and hammers. You’ll have to chain your abilities and attacks together to clear various arenas, which will, in turn, push The Beast and its minions back into the sea and, hopefully, put an end to them.

Dark Souls and Hades combine in bloody new Steam roguelike: An in-game image of a woman bringing down a sword on a huge, horrible looking mutant creature

As someone who absolutely loves the wanton destruction of Diablo, Hordes of Hunger is very much up my alley. While it doesn’t have an exact launch date at the moment, we do know that Hordes of Hunger will release in 2024. So sharpen your blades and add it to your wishlist – The Beast is coming.

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