SUPERHOTline Miami slams together Superhot and Hotline Miami for bullettime ultraviolence

Superhotline Miami

The wonderful thing about the PC is that, provided you’ve got a bit of programming know-how, you can knock together a game in an evening. The result of those kind of nights is SUPERHOTline Miami, which takes Hotline Miami’s top-down murder spree and combines it with the Superhot design of time only progressing when the player moves. 

You can play it right here in your browser, and the game is – unsurprisingly – very much a ‘one more go’ affair. The simple graphics and colours capture the Superhot aesthetic, although time doesn’t quite slow down as much as it does in the FPS. Movement feels entirely cloned from Hotline Miami though, making it seem wonderfully authentic.

It was made in a single evening by indie developer Florian Dufour, who is currently working on Fast Travel: A Speedrun Journey. More levels are coming, but you can play four complete ones right now.

If playing in the browser isn’t your thing, you can download it to your desktop and play it like a ‘real’ PC game.

Thanks, PC Gamer.