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House Flipper 2 release date, gameplay, trailers, and latest news

Following the success of the first game, here’s everything we can expect from House Flipper 2, the therapeutic home renovation game.

A blue-walled house that has been built from scratch in House Flipper 2 sandbox mode.

What is the House Flipper 2 release date? House Flipper is a mostly relaxing simulation game in which, you guessed it, you fix up worn-down houses and sell them on for a profit. If House Flipper itself, Power Wash Simulator, or Teardown are your sort of thing, then House Flipper 2 should be next on your wishlist.

Simulation games give us a chance to try something that we could do in real life, without having to commit in real life – farming games, management games, city-building games, fantastical or realistic, you can pretty much turn your hand to anything you want these days. If that thing is buying, renovating, and flipping a house for profit, then it’s much cheaper and more risk-free to see how your interior design skills stack up virtually when the House Flipper 2 release date arrives.

The House Flipper 2 release date appears on a TV screen in a renovated, in-game lounge.

House Flipper 2 release date

The House Flipper 2 release date is Thursday, December 14, 2023, on PC, with the console release to follow in March 2024. The game’s PC release was confirmed with an official trailer in August 2023.

Since the release of the first House Flipper in 2018, Frozen District has been working on a number of other projects, including House Flipper VR and massive House Flipper DLCs such as Luxury Flipper and House Flipper Pets. Hopefully, this means there will be even more content to come for House Flipper 2 once the release date has been and gone.

The developer has kept us up to date with the development of the House Flipper follow-up, with a series of devlogs on the official Frozen District YouTube channel. Alongside the official trailers that you can watch below, these devlogs give us the first look at some of the game’s mechanics, the vast items and colors we’ll have to choose from, and even more, including how to build from scratch.

An image split in two, on the left side, the player paints a wall, on the right, the player holds a hammer and a section of wall is highlighted to be brought down.

House Flipper 2 gameplay

Whether you’ve played the original House Flipper game or not, you’ll find it easy to delve straight into the sequel, but existing fans of the series will be pleased to hear there are loads of new features to experience in House Flipper 2.

First off, the basics, and returning features from the first game. Well, simply put, your task is to obtain a house or building, knock down a few walls, clean up the floors, and throw a coat of paint on it, making it look like new. Your tools for this job include a paint roller, hammer, mop, and window cleaner, among others. This costs money though, so do some quick jobs for the residents of Pinnacove to earn your starting funds.

Story mode takes you through renovating houses in the area of Pinnacove, while also meeting the residents, making new friends, and carrying out other odd jobs – just like in the first House Flipper. In House Flipper 2, however, there is now also a new sandbox mode, which lets you create your entire house from scratch. This mode takes a bit more time, but it gives you complete creative control over what you want your dream property to look like.

YouTube Thumbnail

House Flipper 2 trailers

The House Flipper 2 official release date trailer sees the player painting, cleaning, tiling, hoovering, and more as they make their home renovation dreams a reality. The trailer may be short, but before a wide-screen TV in the clean, modern lounge displays the release date reveal, we see a range of fabric colors, tile patterns, and more that we can choose from when House Flipper 2 arrives. We also get to see how to knock down walls and build them back up, as well as the ability to choose the size of our paint roller, so we can get the job done quicker than ever.

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In the House Flipper 2 sandbox mode trailer, we get our first taste of the new mode. This incredibly creative game mode allows you to set your home on the beach, in a forest, or within a cute suburb, and do whatever you want with the exterior and interior. You can even sculpt the land to make your house fit. We also discover that there are various quests to complete to unlock new items for your custom home, including walls, colors, decorative items, and more. The build mode looks simple and intuitive, giving the player so many options to choose from and making it easy to adjust the dimensions of your property with ease.

If you enjoyed or were even just tempted to try House Flipper, then it looks like there’s even more to enjoy from the House Flipper 2 release date, and if creating worlds from scratch is your thing, then try our list of the best building games while you wait. If building is a little too much work for you and you prefer that story mode, then perhaps some of our favorite crafting games might be more your speed instead.